About FastFondue.com

Why FastFondue.com?

After spending a number of years in Europe we had developed a special fondness for cheese fondue.  Not only is it readily available in many restaurants, particularly in the countries surrounding Switzerland (Austria, Italy, Germany, and France), but it is also available for home preparation in foil-line packages.  These packages do not require refrigeration (most European refrigerators are quite small) and can be prepared by simply cutting them open and warming them in an electric fondue pot.  Best of all, the ingredients are the same as used in the fine restaruants and the taste is wonderful.

When we returned to the US a few years ago we could not find any similar products.  We tried grating our own cheese, mixing wine and Kirsh (cherry) alcohol, and trying to get a smooth mixture.  Sometimes it was bliss, but often it was just blobs.  Figuring that the "Internet has everything" we searched extensively, but only found a few online shops that carried packets, and they rarely actually had anything in stock that they could ship.

So we tracked down an East Coast importer who specializes in cheeses and contracted to start carrying the Swiss Castle line of pre-packaged fondue cheese.  After a few months of negotiations and working out the shipping and fulfilment requirements, FastFondue.com was born!

Our initial plan was to offer the Swiss Castle fondues just through this website.  But we quickly figured out that our little family-run company didn't have the infrastructure to handle shipping multiple daily orders and processing all the credit card transactions.  Following a great deal of research, we decided to use the ordering and shipping system that Amazon had built.  While their overhead does cut into our profits, we do like having the ability to go on vacation once in a while.  There is one drawback to using Amazon's system for shipping and billing.  Once in a while someone else lists fondue packets through them using the same product codes as we use.  We know that we did not get an exclusive importing rights - there are a few boutique gourmet shops that import the same cheeses we do.  From time to time they may have excess inventory and decide to list it on the Amazon platform.  We do our best to make sure you only get fresh product - other suppliers may ship products that are near their expiration dates.

But despite the chance that we may have to compete with another supplier on Amazon,  the BEST reason for selling our Fondue to you via Amazon is their shipping discount.  Because we work with Amazon directly and let them warehouse our products, our customers get to take advantage of Amazon's reduced and free shipping offers.  So while our prices may seem a bit high up front, the bundling of Amazon's shipping discounts actually makes them lower than we could offer when shipping directly.

We hope you enjoy our cheese and chocolate fondues and tell your friends about them.  Just tell them to check out FastFondue.com!