Heat and Serve Fondue Instructions

Easy to Prepare Fondue Packets

Our cheese fondue packets are imported from Switzerland and come in a number of flavors - from the traditional Emmental, Gruyere and Tilsit cheese recipe, to a bold Gorganzola mix that works particularly well as an accompanyment to strongly flavored main courses like steak.

Each cheese fondue package contains one 14 ounce foil packet of cheese that melts easily and smoothly.  Packets may be stored unrefrigerated for 6 to 9 months.

 Fondue Preparation Instructions

  • For cheese fondues, cut the foil packet along the top and one side, and allow the cheese to slide out of the packet into the fondue pot.  Typically there is a bit of water (the wine) that will come out first, followed by the cheese.  At room temperature, the cheese is usually stiff and not gooey, but in a warm room you may need to squeeze the packet to get all the cheese out.

(remainder similar for both cheese and chocolate fondues):

Electric or Sterno Fondue Pot method:

  • If using an electric fondue pot, set it to 200 degrees and stir continuously until the cheese just starts to boil, then drop temperature back until the bubbles stop and continue stirring occasionally until fully melted and smooth. 
  • While at the table, keep the fondue pot set at about 170 degrees (just under the boiling point for the cheese) until it is almost all gone. Turning off the heat when the pot is almost empty will keep it from burning to the bottom.

Microwave or Stove-top method:

  • Prepare the Fondue

Place contents in a microwave-proof ceramic or glass bowl and microwave for 30 seconds, then stir.  Repeat until the cheese is smooth (typically 2-3 minutes). 
- OR -
Place contents in a small saucepot and heat on low stirring constantly until smooth.  Pour cheese into a ceramic or glass bowl and transfer to the table.

  • Serve the Fondue

If using a flame under a traditional fondue pot, try to moderate the temperature by not letting the flame actually touch the bottom of the pot.

The cheese or chocolate will thicken and form a crust as you transport it to the table, so serve quickly.  You can either place the bowl on an tabletop electric heater (set to about 170 degrees), or over a "Sterno" flame heater to keep it warm. Always take extra care when using Sterno heaters - any open flame presents obvious fire hazards.


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