Fondue Extras

Our chocolate and cheese fondue packages are great because they require so little to prepare and serve.  It's as easy as opening the packet and heating up the contents in a microwave and bringing it to the table. 
But to get the best experience, we strongly suggest you invest in a fondue pot or set of some type.  Our favorite approach is to get an electric fondue pot - they're inexpensive and they let you control the heat very well so there is no chance of burning.  They are also powerful enough to prepare the cheese right in the pot without using the microwave - you can start it warming up on the table while you're cutting up bread of vegetables and be ready to eat in under 10 minutes.
Sterno fondue pots are nice when you need to keep your fondue warm where an electric outlet is unavailable - and they produce enough heat to do the initial melting as well. While they're more "traditional", we're less comfortable with them because it is harder to regulate temperature and you must make sure you have extra fuel on hand.  There is also the danger of fire - although sterno is fairly safe.  Look for burners with a series of holes on the top that let you control the flame level.
Candle based fondue pots are particularly good at keeping chocolate melted for deserts - and they come in some very neat designs that are great on buffet tables.  Whether for cheese or chocolate fondue, you will need to melt the fondue in advance - the heat of a candle is not enough to provide the initial melting.  Again, this is where Fast Fondue's pre-packaged fondues are great - just heat them up in the microwave and put them on the table on top of the candle.  Suggestion: if this is your strategy, choose a non-metalic bowl design.
And let's not forget the extras that make things special.  Special fondue plates and extra forks and such
While we don't sell these things directly, we have selected a number of good quality fondue sets and accessories, all through Amazon.  Bundle a fondue pot with a Fast Fondue chocolate fondue order, and you even qualify for Amazon's free shipping!